16. The Country Store


The corner building was constructed ca. 1900 as a grocery store and owner’s residence for Wells Tolson by Everett Cook and Eugene Herbert. The original German siding-now covered by vinyl – was probably salvaged from the Johnsto wn Flood of 1889. Subsequent grocers were T. Walter White, George Lowe, Phillip Grollman, Wm. Lowe and Addison Frampton, who affiliated with the Independent Grocers Association, known then as IGA Stores.

The obliquely situated building next door – built in 1865, making it one of the oldest in town- was later connected by a trapezoidal addition.  It had also been a grocery store. An 1877 map shows Mrs. Earle as first owner, then Mrs. Wallis Addison Frampton. One of the first merchants to occupy this store was Charles M. Legg, whose brother-in law, Magistrate Robert Cook, held court in a corner of the store. Other occupants were Ellis and Henry Grollman, William Brown, Charles Cockey, James Marvel, Alex and Harry Grollman, Blount and Addison Frampton. 

This property is currently home to Amalfi Coast Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar.