19. Stevensville Bank


The Stevensville Bank of Queen Anne’s County, built ca. 1903-07, opened for business in 1909. It is the oldest bank building on Kent Island and one of the oldest in the county. The façade’s classical and architectural details, combined with the pressed tin ceiling and intact furnishings and vault, helped place it on the National Register of Historic Places.  The bank moved to Chester in 1961, and the building has since been used as the office of the Bay Times newspaper, an antique shop and a jewelry store. It was built on the site of an apothecary shop owned by Dr. Wm. E. Denny, where his sister and niece- Miss Annie and Miss Lucy – worked as clerks. The Society is currently lessee of this property. 

The Stevensville Bank is open for touring on the 1st Saturday of the month from April through November. For more details call 410-604-2100.